Beat the Heat: Spicy Margaritas!

I have a new favorite cocktail! I discovered it in New York City a few months ago and was determined to re-create it at home. After several batches and fine-tuning, I am proud to present you with the recipe to my masterpiece: Spicy Margarita! YUM!!!


I am sure many readers have now fled this site in horror, but in case anyone is still reading, I will issue a disclaimer that this is not a drink for the weak of heart! This yields a hot and sweet drink that I find very refreshing on a hot day, but few others in my world have been able to tolerate the heat factor. If you like spicy foods and margaritas, then you absolutely must try this and let me know it makes you as happy as it makes me!

This is a two-part recipe. First you must make the jalapeño infused tequila with this simple process:

Buy a bottle of tequila and 2 spicy looking jalapeños.
Open the bottle, pour a shot (to make room for the peppers), and have a shot in my honor!
Slice the jalapeños in quarters and stuff them into the bottle, seeds and all!
Wait. Sample. Repeat.
When the tequila sample meets your criteria for spiciness and flavor (probably around 48 hours from the start), strain the tequila into another container, shake out the peppers, and pour the tequila back into your bottle. Consider labeling the bottle with a scull and crossbones to fairly warn off any sissies!
Here is a picture of my infusion in progress:

Easy enough, right? I’ve tried with Jose Cuervo Gold and Silver. I liked the Gold much better. It had a very distinct smell that I loved and I thought the flavor was better too. In both cases, I thought the jalapeño brought out the tequila flavor and vice versa. Next time, I want to try a more expensive bottle and compare tastes.

Trader Joe’s makes an excellent margarita mix that I used with my jalapeño infused tequila to make a delicously hot and sweet margarita on the rocks. It was icy and sweet, but with a lingering burn. I followed the directions on the bottle with great success every time. I am always craving that drink now!

I also made a version with the Crystal Light drink mix and that was a good low-cal substitute.

Finally, I received a gorgeous organic grapefruit from our CSA and decided to try to make my own grapefruit margarita. I juiced it by hand and got a half a cup. I added 1 Tablespoon of sugar to the juice to make sure it was nice and sweet. Then, I added 2 oz of the jalapeño infused tequila and 1 oz of Triple Sec. I mixed it all up and poured over ice cubes. It was really delicious and tasted very fresh too! I am definitely going to try the same recipe with blood oranges when they’re in season.

I am generally a red wine drinker, but hot weather just signals mixed drinks to me, so this has been a fun experiment. I also tried making poptails, based on this recipe I spotted some time ago. They turned out great! I have a whole booze pin board full of ideas that I want to try. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

What is your favorite summertime cocktail? I’d love to hear any new ideas! In the meantime, the air conditioner has malfunctioned at our house and it is 5pm on Friday, so it is officially spicy maragarita o’clock for me! Have a great weekend!